Pathways to Wellness

Wellness Your Way

Create a wellness plan as unique as you.

Your Personal Wellness Plan

Wellness is a dynamic and ongoing process of attending to your health in a holistic way. It encompasses the complete picture of you – health, happiness, home, environment, job, purpose, and more. Use this Personal Wellness Plan activity to reflect on your wellness, identify areas you’d like to devote time and attention to, and set actionable goals. 

Complete Your Personal Wellness Plan

Your Pathways to Wellness

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Academic Wellness

School satisfaction, time management, and progress toward graduation.

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Emotional Wellness

The awareness of how you feel and respond to those feelings. 

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Environmental Wellness

Safety, comfort, and connection with your physical surroundings.

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Financial Wellness

Responsible financial practices, financial security, and having a healthy relationship with money.

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Interpersonal Wellness

Daily social interactions, relationship quality, and finding harmony between solitary and social time.

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Occupational Wellness

Feeling accomplished and valued at work, job performance, and professional development.

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Physical Wellness

Physical activity, nutrition, routine medical care, and your sense of vitality.

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Spiritual Wellness

Feeling connected to something larger than yourself, values, meaning, ethics, or faith.

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Stage of Life Wellness

Life skills and experience, problem-solving and decision-making, and self-awareness.