Care Coordination

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Support In Finding The Right Services & Resources For You

Care Coordinators provide personalized assistance to students or those concerned about a student. They can guide you to resources around campus or in the community where you live, collaborate in planning your next steps, and follow up as needed. 

The CAPS Care Coordinator Team Offers:

  • Assistance explaining CAPS services and fees.
  • Assistance transferring ADHD medications from an outside provider to CAPS.
  • Help enrolling in CAPS workshops and drop-in groups.
  • Information about applying to AHCCCS.
  • Consultation with those concerned about a student.
  • Trans healthcare support.
  • Comprehensive referral support for students seeking services off-campus, out of state, or in another country.
  • Convenient resources (e.g, self-help tools, peer support, or crisis lines).
  • Affordable options for students with low or no income, including AHCCCS
  • Help for students navigating services after hospitalization.

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